Twin set - Simona Barbieri for your fashionable little girl

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Description : soft long-sleeved cream t-shirt, with ribbed collar and soft cut, made from Twin-set for girls. Perfect for the winter season, to put on jeans or skirts, presents a unique and fashionable style, thanks to the sweet applications with hearts of different shapes and colors. Composition : 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

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1 - 18 of 125

Twin Set - Simona Barbieri is an Italian fashion company created in the early ‘90s that takes its name from the stylist, Simona Barbieri, who founded the company together with the entrepreneur Tiziano Sgarbi. From the beginning she designed romantic, sensual and feminine styles for women who love to take care of themselves.

Every single piece is full of details and uses precious materials, like laces, embroideries, sequins and many others.

Twin set - Simona Barbieri slowly became more and more successful and some years later launched a line for young girls, to introduce the youngest women to the world of femininity and the importance of being a woman.

Twin set - Simona Barbieri is a brand for women and girl only: this label stresses the importance of womanliness by combining together vintage and modern elements, sometimes with an ethnical touch. This is to express the importance of women and womanliness in different countries and different generations.

If you decide to wear your little princess in Twin set - Simona Barbieri clothes, she will surely appreciate it: she will love to wear styles similar to her mom’s and fashionable in any season. The stylist reproduces in her kids line of the company Twin set – Simona Barbieri the mood of the main woman collection, to educate gradually the little girls to become women.

In the online store you can find every kind of styles of Twin set - Simona Barbieri you are looking for: coats, leather jackets, raincoats, outerwear, sweater, dresses, t-shirts, formal shirts, trousers with really fashionable shapes, jeans and skirts: every item is not just fashionable, but also romantic and somehow timeless.