Baby in Burberry: a guarantee of English understatement elegance

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Baby in Burberry’s clothes is quite a novelty of the company if you think about the roots of the brand. Burberry is one of the most famous and ancient fashion brand, founded in 1856 by Sir Thomas Burberry. At that time, Mr. Burberry was not yet appointed Sir: he was just a 21-year old draper, specialised on outdoor clothing. Some years later, in 1879, Sir Thomas Burberry invented a new and extremely innovative fabric: the gabardine, which was particularly recommended for raincoats. From that point raincoat became comfortable, waterproof and light. Sir Burberry invented not only the gabardine, but also patented the trench coat in 1912, which was originally without buttons; it namely had just a belt to fasten it. From that time on, the trench coat entered into the army as a part of uniform. Now the beige chequered company is a large company which also give the opportunity to dress your baby in Burberry.

The Burberry collections are characterised from a great attention to details and quality; the colours are mainly basic: beige, black, white and red, that perfectly represent the classic timeless British elegance. Those who choose to dress their baby in Burberry are surely people who take into great consideration the quality of fabrics and the understated elegance. Shop in for Burberry kids collection to find every kind of style for your child. In the shop you will find the, the typical big checked articles that represent the brand all over the world, together with  some colourful pieces, like dress with big pink flower or plain sweaters. If you dress your baby in Burberry, you’ll be sure everyone will notice and your elegance will be appreciated.

Whatever you choose for your baby in Burberry, you will be sure that your child will always be happy to wear such comfortable, light and warm styles. The company is always looking for the best fabric possible, especially for children, who need to be able to move freely and play. That’s why if you decide to dress your baby in Burberry clothes you will never regret it and you will never go back.

Make your baby free and self-confident: a baby in Burberry.