Trussardi baby: the Italian classic elegance: Sales & Collection 2017

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The Trussardi baby collection is just a small part of the big Trussardi world, which also includes restaurants, cafés and all the aspects of being Italian. The Trussardi group, namely, was funded in 1911 as a glove production company and thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship and the extreme quality of the leather, in a few years the Trussardi label became very successful all over the world for its leather accessories. In the 60s the brand started to produce not just luxury accessories, but also luxury clothes. In few year the label became a reference for all the fashion labels,  because it represented sophistication and elegance. In the 70s, the brand became the representation of the Italian lifestyle, thanks to the production of clothes, accessories, suitcases and accessories for the offices. In the 80s, the brand had a great role in redefining Made in Italy and in developing a new cooperation between fashion and art, thanks to its numerous collaborations with theatres and artists. One of the most special element of this brand is its ability to maintain its identity of family-run business while adopting a global and contemporary attitude.

Trussardi, together with Trussardi baby, represent the iconic classic elegance.

Trussardi baby is just one of the many different kind of expression of Trussardi’s world: a contemporary, innovative, artistic and global fashion world that has been able to mix all these aspect together with traditional production and family management.

If you want to give your children not just clothes but a whole mix of lessons and worth, you should choose Trussardi baby collections. Trussardi baby presents many different kind of styles: sweatshirts, t-shirts and jeans, but also formal jackets, shirts, sweaters with and without sleeves and many other proposals that respond to all the different needs you may have. You will be able to choose Trussardi baby in any occasion: for school, for a special event and for the everyday life.