Herno kids: a jacket in your heart!

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Herno kids is one of the lines of the Italian brand Herno, founded in 1948 next to Lago Maggiore and the river Erno (hence the name). Herno was founded by a labourer of a raincoats company that after a while decided to open his own firm in order to produce top quality raincoats and jackets. In the beginning, the company produced just man raincoats, but in few years it started to produce also woman ones, together with cashmere coats, double face coats and the Herno kids line. Herno produced really high quality styles, that’s why it had great success all over the world. Moreover, big maisons appreciated the production quality of Herno pieces and started to let the brand produce also for them. In the 2000’s, Herno started to concentrate on its own product to give another trend to the company. Now all Herno lines, including Herno kids, are exported all over the world and the brand is continuously growing because it is recognised as a luxury Italian product.

Herno kids represents the perfect balance between beauty and functionality for jackets and coat for children: each single style is created to attract your sons and daughters and, at the same time, to warm them, to embrace them, to let them free to run everywhere.

Herno kids represents the bond between tradition and innovation, between classic and modern, between old and new,  thanks to high quality Made in Italy products with a fashionable and modern design.

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Herno kids is much more than a jacket, is a lifestyle!

Herno kids is the Italian fashion style in a jacket, which may have fur details or other precious decorations.