N21 – Kids collections signed by Alessandro dell’Acqua : Sales & Collection 2017

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N21 represents the last successful project of Alessandro dell’Acqua, one of the most famous and eclectic stylist ever, a person that has given new energy to many famous brands in the last 20 years. N21 is a brand totally created by Alessandro dell’Acqua in 2010, which originally focused on woman and man collections, characterising each line with a mix of feminine and masculine elements. Now the stylist has released also the N21 Kids collections: the first time the brand presented a kids collection was on FW 2016/17 fashion show in Pitti.

The press has really appreciated the new N21 line and has described the N21 collection as a touch of fun personality for kids wardrobe and showed respect for the brand identity. N21 kids collections – dedicated to boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old – fully represents the main elements of N21 main collections, but every single piece is designed considering the importance for children of feeling comfortable.

If you’re a cosmopolitan mum and want to give impulse to your children you will surely love N21 Kids collections, which perfectly give a fresh twist to classic styles and combine together unusual material mixed with mannish/feminine elements.

N21 kids collections present a total look both for boys and girls (including accessories): a cosmopolitan and contemporary appeal is the result of this fantastic project. Jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers and denim mixed together with shiny skirts or satin made styles, for a fresh, fun and always comfortable collection.

Select your unisex N21 styles or choose one of the creation just for girls or boys to give a great personality to your children.

On www.carryonjunior.com you will have the opportunity to find this amazing N21 kids world. The new Alessandro dell’Acqua’s project has been sold worldwide only to the most exclusive shops.