Armani kidswear: classic Italian elegance

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1 - 18 of 219

The Armani kidswear collection is an expression of the highest-quality handcrafted and sartorial clothes you will ever find for your children.

Armani is a brand that needs no presentation. It is one of the most famous brands in the world and has been a synonym of sartorial and emotional garments for more than 30 years. Armani reached its reputation in the ‘80s – ‘90s.

The King George, who founded the company in the ‘70s, renewed the sartorial style of man and woman formal jacket with the main aim of formal elegance but at the same time extreme comfort. Light fabrics and soft stylish articles characterized Armani from the beginning; these characteristics also pertain to Armani kidswear.

Most of children clothing brands dedicate a big part of their collections to girls, while Armani kidswear collection has decided to be innovative once again: in our shop you will mainly find boy styles in the Armani kidswear section. That’s because Armani kidswear gives to boys a special elegance, that perfectly represents the Made in Italy design and quality. Sophisticated casual styles are the kind of articles you may find in Armani kidswear: a linear and balanced design characterizes all styles, like shirts, trousers, Bermuda shorts, polos, jeans, bomber jackets and raincoats; most of them carry the typical eaglet, that represents the pret-à-porter part of the brand. The colours of Armani kidswear are mainly soft and relaxing, such as white, or in different nuances of blue and grey.

Armani kidswear is anyway also for you, little girls: also in this section you will always find super high quality styles, that never show off the style:

that’s actually real elegance!