REGINA: children’s accessories for a fashion winter!

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Regina is an Italian brand founded in 1990, which produces winter children’s accessories, especially items in wool, cashmere or other high quality yarns.

The aim of Regina children’s accessories is to produce fashion accessories to protect and heat up your babies during the cold winter days. All styles are elegant, fashion, well done and fun in order to attract babies and let them wear these children’s accessories with pleasure!

Originally, the Regina brand produced mainly hats, caps and bonnets for baby boys and girls. Moreover, the brand was founded to bequeath an ancient and precious handmade work: embroidery and crochet.

The name of the brand – Regina – took inspiration from the name of the daughter’s founder, Angela Maffei: namely the first children’s accessories collection was dedicated to her daughter, Regina.

Regina children’s accessories are all soft and romantic, made with natural colours and designed with funny shapes for cuddling and entertaining your children. Every single piece is handcrafted and handmade. 

That’s how Regina realises every time unique, artistic creations for its children’s accessories collections.

You will surely have experienced at least once the situation where it’s freezing, or it’s raining and your child doesn’t want to wear his/her winter hat because it itches or because he/she doesn’t like it or just because it is different from the one of the other children. This kind of situations is extremely stressing. If you choose one of the Regina children’s accessories, you will forget it: your child will be more than happy to wear his original and funny hats and you will visit wherever you want!