Catya: the only option to accessorize kids: Boy Girl Clothing: Sales & Collection 2017

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For 40 years Catya has been representing the excellence in accessorize kids. Catya is an Italian brand created more than 40 years ago to protect and take care of the health of children from 0 to 12 years old: thanks to the creation of bonnet and hats, combined together with gloves and scarves, Catya’s clothes accessorize kids with comfortable warm and wonderful styles made only with 100% natural materials that perfectly represent the handcrafted Made in Italy.

Catya’s clothes accessorize kids every year with two different collections for boys and girls: by using wool and cotton only, Catya guarantees allergenic free styles. Each piece of the Catya accessorize kids collections is embellished with handmade embroideries, with pompom, or even with precious fur details, in this way each accessory become a fun, funny or elegant decoration for children.

Accessorize kids means also taking into consideration each possible risk and try to avoid it: that’s what Catya use to consider every time by creating a new style. Namely safety and free play are the basic elements for the brand, that considers the accessories just a support for children, who don’t have to be stopped in any case by them.

Catya’s clothes accessorize kids in the best way possible: that’s the reason why you can find the brand only in the best children shops in the world, including the online store

If you decide to accessorize kids with Catya proposals, your children will always feel warm and comfortable, and they will always look neat even with a tracksuit, because accessories always embellish the look and make it complete.

Let Catya accessorize kids for you: they will love to wear it and you will be always satisfied.