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La Perla is an Italian luxury and fashion company created originally just for high quality lingerie; it started gradually to produce also underwear, swim suits, shoes, bags, pret-à-porter  and finally La Perla Kids. The company was founded in 1954 in the city of Bologna. From the 60s on, La Perla has started to introduce continuously innovations and fancy elements or new fabrics in the field of lingerie, without compromising luxury and top quality. The brand is now taking care of the man and woman underwear, by combining quality and respect of the personal intimacy, with sensuality and luxury details.

La Perla Kids represents the top quality opportunities for nightwear and underwear for your kids: the best cottons possible with delicate colours, laces, comfort pyjamas and also t-shirts both for little girls or boys.

It is extremely important for every person not only to wear chic and fashion styles, but also to have care of the private parts of the body. For this reason you should buy top quality underwear for your children: sometimes is much more important the quality of your underwear than their fashion style. However, if you choose for La Perla Kids you don’t need to choose for one of them: you will have both!

Choose La Perla Kids and you will certainly take care of your child!

In www.carryonjunior.com you can find many different kind of styles of La Perla Kids: pyjamas, pants, undershirts, t-shirts and tops. Each single style has many details and refined manufacture even though probably few people will see it: that’s because La Perla Kids designers strongly believe in the importance of underwear and want to let it understand to each consumer. If your child wears the La Perla Kids pyjamas, he/she will never accept something less!