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Kids t shirt t-shop was created by a young couple in Assisi in 1994: they opened a shop where they sold objects and t-shirts. In a few years, they opened many other shops where clients could buy customized t-shirts and these kids t shirts became shortly famous for their images, where animals and natures were presented in a romantic way. That’s why the couple decided to found their own kids t shirt brand (T-SHIRT T-SHOP) and they started to add many precious details to the t-shirts, such as embroidery, stresses and beads.

In a couple of years, the brand was selling its products all around Italy, meeting the taste of customers and having great success. Now kids t shirt t-shop items are supplied worldwide and the company has created new lines, such as the woman one. Moreover, kids t shirt t-shop maintains an important collaboration with the world champion of skating Karolina Kostner since 2011: after having designed and realised the wonderful dresses full of Swarovski crystals for the champion, they have started created a capsule collection for little girls. Karolina designs the images and the company realises these amazing t-shirts for baby and girls.

Each single t-shirt is an artisanal product and is made using only best quality materials. Many kids t shirts have Swarovski elements that create an amazing effect when the sunlight enlighten the t-shirts: your little girl will be happy by wearing her romantic, shiny, precious t-shirts.

Consider that kids t shirt t-shop uses original Swarovski elements only and you can find in each t-shirt an additional label that proofs and certifies it.

Kids t shirt t-shop is the perfect t-shirt for your little, romantic princess.

Kids t shirt t-shop is not just t-shirts: the brand namely produces also some other kind of styles, like hoodies, sweatshirts and trousers to combine with t-shirts, in order to create a comfortable total look with shiny and romantic elements.