Simonetta baby: the flowery world of princesses

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Simonetta is an Italian fashion label of baby clothes: Simonetta baby represents the romantic, flowery, fairy tale world of princesses! If you have a look at the Simonetta baby girls style proposals you will surely start to think about fairy tales and wonderful dreams, thanks to the ability of the stylist to use soft fabric and create amazing volumes, similar to clouds. The brand was founded by an Italian mum who started designing and producing baby clothes, first of all for her three children (two boys and a girl). Later on, they decided to go further with the activity of their mum and created an amazing company, totally dedicated to children, that wanted to recreate the fabulous world of fairy tales, together with their love for elegance and fashion. The brand was founded in 1975 and in the 90s it was already famous worldwide, thanks to its ability to celebrate style research and quality production.

Simonetta baby was created just for fun by three siblings, but now it is much more than this: thanks to the great quality of production, Simonetta Baby was named responsible of the production of some kids lines of some of the most famous labels in the world (such as Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli and Aston Martin).

If you want to buy Simonetta baby clothes, you just have to visit and you will be fascinated: you will have the opportunity to choose among many different princess styles, as dresses, shorts, t-shirts and so on. All the styles have amazing details, like lace trimmings, flowers, pastel colours, wonderful fabrics and many other details.

Choose Simonetta baby for a fairy tale full of love.