Aeronautica Militare clothes for your little boy

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Aeronatica Militare clothes are charming, classic and patriotic Italian style clothes, originally made only for adults and now available also for children. The brand Aeronautica Militare is strictly linked to the Italian army, because it has received from the Italian air force (in Italian Aeronautica Militare) the license for producing and selling styles labelled as Aeronautica MIlitare. The brand was created after the Second Ward War as a civilian company specialized in the production of top quality leather jackets. The company, named Cristiano Di Thiene SpA, used to produce good quality leather pieces that in 2004 received a long-standing agreement from the Italian air force to sell customized Aeronautica Militare clothes and accessories, boasting the emblem of Italian Aeronautica Militare and Frecce Tricolori.

The Aeronautica Militare clothes do not try simply to evoke the Italian patriotism by copying some of the symbols of the Italian air force: the brand really uses the authentic and unique symbols of the Italian air force and the worldwide famous “Frecce Tricolori”; moreover, it creates stylish clothes using the symbols soldiers use to wear every day.

The Aeronautica Militare clothes are now also available for children and are perfect for those who want to wear linear clothes that combine the Italian sense of fashion with the extraordinary Italian creativity and ability of making aerobatics.

Choose Aeronautica Militare clothes for your little boy and let him be inspired by the amazing talent of Italian air force: your boy will be daily inspired by his hoodies, polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets and trousers, all characterised by a distinguished sense of fashion and by technically simple styles. Moreover, each style belonging to the Aeronautica Militare clothes is made of top quality raw materials because

just feeling comfortable, a talent can become a genius!