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    Aeronatica Militare clothes are charming, classic and patriotic Italian style clothes, originally made only for adults and now available also for children. The brand Aeronautica Militare is strictly linked to the Italian army, because it has received from the Italian air force (in Italian Aeronautica Militare) the license for producing and selling styles labelled as Aeronautica MIlitare. The brand was created after the Second Ward War as a civilian company specialized in the production of top quality leather jackets. The company, named Cristiano Di Thiene SpA, used to produce good quality leather pieces that in 2004 received a long-standing agreement from the Italian air force to sell customized Aeronautica Militare clothes and accessories, boasting the emblem of Italian Aeronautica Militare and Frecce Tricolori.

    The Aeronautica Militare clothes do not try simply to evoke the Italian patriotism by copying some of the symbols of the Italian air force: the brand really uses the authentic and unique symbols of the Italian air force and the worldwide famous “Frecce Tricolori”; moreover, it creates stylish clothes using the symbols soldiers use to wear every day.

    The Aeronautica Militare clothes are now also available for children and are perfect for those who want to wear linear clothes that combine the Italian sense of fashion with the extraordinary Italian creativity and ability of making aerobatics.

    Choose Aeronautica Militare clothes for your little boy and let him be inspired by the amazing talent of Italian air force: your boy will be daily inspired by his hoodies, polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets and trousers, all characterised by a distinguished sense of fashion and by technically simple styles. Moreover, each style belonging to the Aeronautica Militare clothes is made of top quality raw materials because

    just feeling comfortable, a talent can become a genius!


    The Armani kidswear collection is an expression of the highest-quality handcrafted and sartorial clothes you will ever find for your children.

    Armani is a brand that needs no presentation. It is one of the most famous brands in the world and has been a synonym of sartorial and emotional garments for more than 30 years. Armani reached its reputation in the ‘80s – ‘90s.

    The King George, who founded the company in the ‘70s, renewed the sartorial style of man and woman formal jacket with the main aim of formal elegance but at the same time extreme comfort. Light fabrics and soft stylish articles characterized Armani from the beginning; these characteristics also pertain to Armani kidswear.

    Most of children clothing brands dedicate a big part of their collections to girls, while Armani kidswear collection has decided to be innovative once again: in our shop you will mainly find boy styles in the Armani kidswear section. That’s because Armani kidswear gives to boys a special elegance, that perfectly represents the Made in Italy design and quality. Sophisticated casual styles are the kind of articles you may find in Armani kidswear: a linear and balanced design characterizes all styles, like shirts, trousers, Bermuda shorts, polos, jeans, bomber jackets and raincoats; most of them carry the typical eaglet, that represents the pret-à-porter part of the brand. The colours of Armani kidswear are mainly soft and relaxing, such as white, or in different nuances of blue and grey.

    Armani kidswear is anyway also for you, little girls: also in this section you will always find super high quality styles, that never show off the style:

    that’s actually real elegance!


    One of the most famous styles of this Dutch brand are Bikkemberg sneakers, but the brand is much more than this. Dirk Bikkembergs is a Dutch stylist who founded the namesake brand inspired by the unusual combination of sensuality of fashion and strength of sports. The brand has developed a personal style, which demonstrates self-confidence, strength and energy, as you may recognise in the famous Bikkembergs sneakers.

    The brand motto is the Latin sentence “mens sana in corpore sano”, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

    The brand uses just simple and powerful colours, such us black, white and military colours, like khaki, beige, navy and grey, sometimes combined with bright colours coming from the sports.

    All these aspects are perfect for little boys, who want to know themselves better, express their energy and push their strength to the limits.

    Bikkembergs sneakers represent the symbol of a luxury sport brand which decided not to dress baby girls: the brand is mannish and wants to express it with each single style. Anyway, the brand produces an amazing boy collection that includes not only Bikkembergs sneakers, but also top wear, jackets and outerwear, sweatshirts, trousers, beachwear and underwear.

    Your son will surely appreciate Bikkembergs sneakers, as the other kind of style presented from the brand: they will totally express his willingness to play, have fun, be cool and feel like his dad!

    In our online store, he will have the opportunity to choose among many different kind of shoes: Bikkembergs sneakers are just an idea of what the brand proposes. Anyway, there are also casual shoes, or daily shoes for all the needs of your sporty son.

    Select a Bikkembergs shoes for your son in our online store and he will feel comfortable and happy all day long by playing everywhere. 


    Baby in Burberry’s clothes is quite a novelty of the company if you think about the roots of the brand. Burberry is one of the most famous and ancient fashion brand, founded in 1856 by Sir Thomas Burberry. At that time, Mr. Burberry was not yet appointed Sir: he was just a 21-year old draper, specialised on outdoor clothing. Some years later, in 1879, Sir Thomas Burberry invented a new and extremely innovative fabric: the gabardine, which was particularly recommended for raincoats. From that point raincoat became comfortable, waterproof and light. Sir Burberry invented not only the gabardine, but also patented the trench coat in 1912, which was originally without buttons; it namely had just a belt to fasten it. From that time on, the trench coat entered into the army as a part of uniform. Now the beige chequered company is a large company which also give the opportunity to dress your baby in Burberry.

    The Burberry collections are characterised from a great attention to details and quality; the colours are mainly basic: beige, black, white and red, that perfectly represent the classic timeless British elegance. Those who choose to dress their baby in Burberry are surely people who take into great consideration the quality of fabrics and the understated elegance. Shop in for Burberry kids collection to find every kind of style for your child. In the shop you will find the, the typical big checked articles that represent the brand all over the world, together with  some colourful pieces, like dress with big pink flower or plain sweaters. If you dress your baby in Burberry, you’ll be sure everyone will notice and your elegance will be appreciated.

    Whatever you choose for your baby in Burberry, you will be sure that your child will always be happy to wear such comfortable, light and warm styles. The company is always looking for the best fabric possible, especially for children, who need to be able to move freely and play. That’s why if you decide to dress your baby in Burberry clothes you will never regret it and you will never go back.

    Make your baby free and self-confident: a baby in Burberry.


    For 40 years Catya has been representing the excellence in accessorize kids. Catya is an Italian brand created more than 40 years ago to protect and take care of the health of children from 0 to 12 years old: thanks to the creation of bonnet and hats, combined together with gloves and scarves, Catya’s clothes accessorize kids with comfortable warm and wonderful styles made only with 100% natural materials that perfectly represent the handcrafted Made in Italy.

    Catya’s clothes accessorize kids every year with two different collections for boys and girls: by using wool and cotton only, Catya guarantees allergenic free styles. Each piece of the Catya accessorize kids collections is embellished with handmade embroideries, with pompom, or even with precious fur details, in this way each accessory become a fun, funny or elegant decoration for children.

    Accessorize kids means also taking into consideration each possible risk and try to avoid it: that’s what Catya use to consider every time by creating a new style. Namely safety and free play are the basic elements for the brand, that considers the accessories just a support for children, who don’t have to be stopped in any case by them.

    Catya’s clothes accessorize kids in the best way possible: that’s the reason why you can find the brand only in the best children shops in the world, including the online store

    If you decide to accessorize kids with Catya proposals, your children will always feel warm and comfortable, and they will always look neat even with a tracksuit, because accessories always embellish the look and make it complete.

    Let Catya accessorize kids for you: they will love to wear it and you will be always satisfied.



  • CULT

    Since 1987, Cult represents little girl fashion for shoes. Namely, the brand was created to express a style of life characterised mainly by independence, freedom of expression and rock attitude.

    The brand is a synonym of pluck and creativity: thanks to these main aspects, Cult has become a symbol of innovation, unconventionality and expression of young energy. Moreover, thanks to its ability to mix and match together different kinds of stylish influences, the brand has been appreciated by rockers, punks, dandies and fashion victims too. The shoe symbol of the brand is the iconic combat boot, which has been presented along the years in many different proposals, all of them perfectly representing the metropolitan style.

    Cult is always able to satisfy the new trends and requests of the young clients and now it can take care also of the requests of the little ones, thanks to its little girl fashion collections.

    Cult proposes a little girl fashion with special main elements: comfort, precious details and contemporary look. Namely, if you buy shoes for your little daughter, you will surely find a lot of comfort proposals, many princess styles, but unlikely you will have the opportunity to buy street, rocker, contemporary shoes for a little girl.

    That’s why you should choose for Cult little girl fashion: it’s the only opportunity you have to find in a single style all these elements – comfort, feminine details and contemporary style. For example, you can boy combat boot made in shiny leather and with fur details -  a unique combination for your little girl fashion.

    A little girl fashion will love Cult.

    Visit and select your Cult shoes: you will come back to buy all the proposals!


    Diesel is an Italian brand that produces casual and sportswear and now boasts a kids line for your baby fashion. Diesel has been founded in Italy by Renzo Rosso, who started producing mainly jeans in his house; in 1976, he started to work for a clothing company and in a few years he became co-owner of the company, that had from that time gained the name of Diesel. This company produced jeans for itself and for other brands. In the ‘90s the brand exported all over the world as Made in Italy and in 1997 opened one of the most innovative website for that time: they started to sell on the Web!

    Diesel has always been fashionable not only for its products, but also because of its innovative internal structure and its willingness to be pioneer; this nature reflects also in the baby fashion collections.

    Baby fashion is the perfect description for a child wearing Diesel, because Diesel is sporty, casual, street and fashion at the same time and each style, though quite plain and unassuming, is always fashionable and never old.

    In the Diesel kids collection you can find many different kinds of styles, all belonging to the street style category: outerwear, jackets, sweatshirts with or without sleeves, t-shirts, trousers and sport trousers or shorts and, of course, jeans.

    Baby fashion look is simple: sweatshirt, a plain t-shirt and jeans, yet everything has to have a special nature, it has to show the personality of the child and the attitude of the brand.

    A fashionable kid is a kid wearing Diesel! 


    Docksteps Shoes Kids: Enstablished in 1979, this brand has offered for the past 30 years its quality and experience in footwear's field. Today, thanks to its original design, Docksteps is able to meet the most demanding needs, from special occasion to day-to-day life. 


    For many years, the Dolce Gabbana kidswear collections have represented a fresh and trendy choice: they are famous as fashionable, colourful prints collection realised in high quality fabrics. Dolce&Gabbana is an Italian fashion brand famous worldwide, which based its success on its interpretation of Italian modern and traditional style at the same time. After having reached a great success with woman and man glamour collections, the 2 stylists decided to create items also for the children: they are creating whole collections for kids with the same soul and glamour touch they instil in their woman and man collections.

    If you choose a Dolce&Gabbana t-shirt or any other kind of item, your kid will be surely happy!

    Dolce Gabbana kidswear is perfect for every fashionable little boys and girls.

    Shop by total look: combine a full printed t-shirt with a skirt or trousers and complete the look with a touch of a fashionable bag for your small princess. For your small latin lover you can choose a leather jacket o a super stylish bomber jacket, combining it with used jeans or sport trousers. Your little boy will fill really self-confident and also comfortable by wearing Dolce Gabbana kidswear.

    Dolce&Gabbana proposes styles for every kind of occasion: special events, everyday life, vacation, swimwear and many others. In our online shop you will find t-shirts, trousers, jeans, skirts, shirts, pullovers, dresses, jackets, k-ways, outerwear and also bags, shoes, accessories and sun glasses.

    Don’t forget to choose Dolce Gabbana kidswear also for the youngest of the family: the fashion brand produces wonderful items also for babies, as rompers. Anyway also this part of the collection is full of fashionable details and has the features of the whole collection; you can teach your child from the very beginning what fashion is and how to be always trendy and comfortable at the same time


    Dsquared is an Italian fashion house founded in Milan by Canadian Brothers Dean and Dan Caten, born from Italian parents. They studied at the Parson’s School of Design in New York and in 1984 began their first collaborations at international level in the world of fashion. Eight years later, they decided to make the big leap toward Italy. Then, in 1994, the Canadian designers presented their first man collection. This marked the beginning of a long series of shows rich of extravagances. Thanks to the intelligent mix of fashion and music they caught the attention of journalists and buyers from all over the world.

    Their style is an intelligent mix of irreverent canadian wit and refined italian tailoring, combined with a particular care for details.

    This philosophy gave to the brand a unique concept of alternative of luxury. In the course of the last two years, Dsquared2 has grown up to become more chic and sophisticated while maintaining that stretch provocative that is so distinctive of the brand. This evolution brought the brand to a wider target and allowed the expansion of its clientele. The Kidswear division resumes the same philosophy of the main collections.

    On you will find interesting items Dsquared Kidswear. The unmistakable style of this brand beloved by young people surely will meet the expectations of everybody, even the most demanding and "Fashionistas".

    The aesthetics Dsquared2 is continuously influenced by international inspirations and various cultures. Dean and Dan divide their lives between Milan and London, while production is made in Italy. Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy" is the motto of the brand.


    What does apparel mean according to children? Fendi kids’ collection

    Fendi is an Italian brand characterised by its irreverent attitude, and Fendi kids line has the same nature. The label Fendi was founded in 1925 by a couple of furriers in Rome: Edoardo Fendi and Adele Casagrande. Originally the brand produced only bags, that were so appreciated in the 30s and 40s that they started being successful also abroad. After WW2, the couple left the company to their children, who started to cooperate with other partners, such as Karl Lagerfeld. Thanks to Mr. Lagerfeld, the brand became famous all over the world for its continuous development of new leather productions and the use of special colours. In the 60s, the brand designed its first haute couture collection, appreciated all over the world. Fendi started the production of different kind of styles in the 80s, such as sun glasses, perfumes, jeans and home wear. In the last years, the brand has having a new life and great successes and has created a Fendi kids line that is really successful and appreciated both by mothers and children. Fendi kids’ collections express the same soft and irreverent attitude of all the main collections.

    All the Fendi kids collections are characterised by shocking colours, funny, humorous prints, great quality fabrics and extremely comfortable shapes: the perfect combinations for kids.

    Fendi kids is exactly what children would love to wear: colour, fun and comfort, nothing more and nothing less. If you choose Fendi kids you can buy it for your little girl and also for your little boy: Fendi namely has female and male kids collections. You will have a lot of fun combining the different powerful colour of t-shirts together with sweaters, hoodies and trousers.


    Florens is an Italian company created about forty years ago and every kids shoe store should have on their shelves some Florens shoes.  As many Italian company, Florens was founded as a family-run business: originally the shoe production was just one floor downstairs the family apartment and was a handcrafted, artisan studio. Florens is a company created in the Italian district of shoes and has started its activity as a handcrafted business: the manufacturer used to produce the shoes for children and then drive his red Citroen Dyane car to visit each kids shoe store trying to sell his products. Now Florens is a big reality with its own kids shoe store and produces huge kids shoe collections. Florens can fully satisfy the needs of kids shoes both for girls and boys because their collections consist in many different styles: full of precious and glamour details such as rhinestones, flowers, sequin, or formal shoes for boys, but also many different styles of sneakers, runners and slip-on.

    In our kids shoe store you will have the opportunity to choose among all the many different styles of Florens shoes, such as feminine boots, sandals, sneakers and many other, both for girls and boys. Moreover in the Florens section of the kids shoe store you can find elegant proposals, formal shoes, basic styles and also fashion ones, such as runners in special colours like sun yellow or red.

    Buying Florens children shoes you can rest assured that you are really taking care of your kids feet,

    extremely important for a proper and harmonious growth.

    With Florens shoes on, your children will always feel comfortable and trendy. You can forget the typical debate happening in a kids shoe store: should you choose between good and comfortable shoes for your child or nice and trendy ones? Thanks to Florens shoes, you will have both aspects in one single style. 



    A baby wearing Gucci styles represents the real and pure luxury. Indeed, Gucci is one of the most important luxury brands for clothes and leather goods all over the world. Its history dates back to many decades ago: the label was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, who in the beginning created excellent leather travel bags with high quality materials and beautiful handcrafted details. Even though the company had from the beginning an industrial organisation, Gucci wanted to employ only the most experienced leather worker in Florence, with the aim to create top quality articles. Thanks to celebrities, between the 50s and 60s, Gucci became a status symbol. Unfortunately, in the 80s the brand was in serious trouble, because of unsuccessful directors, and the brand was sold to an international corporation. Luckily, since 1994, Tom Ford and Dawn Mello restored the brand and brought it back to success thanks to an efficient strategy.

    The label has many different lines, for women, for men and also for kids and young adults. Anyway, a baby wearing Gucci is not so usual: as the label reached the status symbol level in the 60s, it has become exclusive not only for adults, but also for children. The baby wearing Gucci usually does not dress special shapes, but special fabrics and styles full of precious details an characterised by extremely high quality handcrafted finishes. 

    The triple olive green – red stripes distinctive feature distinguishes many styles of a baby wearing Gucci: t-shirts, cardigans, sweaters, down jackets, sleeve jackets and even the internal parts of trousers, jeans and shorts.

    Choose to buy Gucci on and your baby  wearing Gucci will have a total luxury look: from hats till shoes, including accessories, such as belts and bags. Typical Gucci styles or fashionable ones, depending on your choice.

    A baby wearing Gucci will always be contemporary, well-dressed and unique!

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